Accelerate Nigeria – Empowering SMEs for Growth

What is Accelerate Nigeria?
Accelerate Nigeria is a FREE business accelerator program designed to mentor, coach and support ambitious early stage small and medium scale entrepreneurs and effectively grow their businesses.

We Help You

Our Core Motivator
We believe Nigerian Entrepreneurs are hardworking and intelligent, but a lot factors have limited ability to scale. We intend to fix these non-financial factors and then lead them to financial solutions options and guide them through their choices.

Business Intelligence
Gain access to critical business intelligence from the frontlines in the Nigerian SME space.

Investment Opportunities
Opportunities for equity investment in the most profitable and viable investment options

Grant Access
Be the first to get notified about grants and funds in the SME development space

Expert Insights
Benefit from our top of the range volunteer based consulting and advisory service.


Visit the official homepage here to apply now.


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