January 31st, 2018:

Growing Business Together (GBT) has been set up to help startups in Ghana to overcome major hurdles. When you are a starting entrepreneur, you do not yet have the track record and network to attract large customers or convince a bank to lend you the money for the investments you need to do. You may need more knowledge to figure out the best marketing strategy, build your financial model or organize your distribution.

In Accra, we organize annually a ten-month GBT Coaching Program, a more intensive GBT Academy for 20 entrepreneurs and a GBT Startup Investor Conference to connect Ghanaian startups to investors. In the Netherlands, we organize a 5-day intense GBT Business Booster.

Selection Criteria

Must be a Ghanaian owned and registered business.
Ability to participate in the program from start to end.
A minimum of two (2) years in operation.
Three (3) or more employees in the business.
Must have documented financial records to be used during the program.


Visit the official homepage here to apply now.

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