Wennovation Hub’s Incubation Program – Cohort 1 ($15,000)

Wennovation Hub’s Incubation Program is designed to help entrepreneurs quickly test and validate their ideas using basic business tools whilst supporting entrepreneurs with access to funding, mentoring and business advisory.

This Incubation program is in partnership with LoftyInc capital management. An organization set out to invest in early stage startups in Africa.


Who can apply?

  1. Currently reside in Nigeria.
  2. Motivated to start a business or part of an early stage business.
  3. Have a business idea addressing urgent problem(s) in the following sector:
  4. Sanitation (Waste and Water)
  5. Health-tech
  6. Agri-tech


What we offer?

  1. Access to $15k for 3 peer-selected startups
  2. Unrestricted access to fully serviced workspace
  3. Developer toolkit & licenses worth up to $10k
  4. Access to our local & international networks
  5. 6 months mentorship with 1-1 mentor-mentee pairing
  6. Access to market, leveraging our existing community


*This program is free of charge


Visit the Wennovation Hub’s Incubation Program here to apply now.

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