GreenTree Startup Lab for Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: 3rd of July, 2018.


Startup Lab

Do you have an innovative business and love what you do? Then you are eligible to apply!

The Greentree Startup Lab gives entrepreneurs what they need to grow a sustainable business – quickly!

We will be hosting yet another pitch day next month (July, 2018). We are looking for the next set of dynamic, determined, smart entrepreneurs to invest in.

Why Apply?

We are committed to the growth of the businesses we invest in, leveraging our extensive collective expertise to grow and add value to our portfolio companies.


We provide:

Access to funding

We provide access to the optimal amount of funding required to rapidly scale the business.

Governance structure

We help implement a bulletproof corporate governance framework to ensure your business is sustainable.

Simple financial planning

We paint a picture of your business with numbers. We custom build tools to help you make profitable business decisions.


We pull in heavyweight brains to work with you to develop a killer strategy for sales and marketing.

Technical support

We have a powerful network of domain experts, professionals and enablers sharing your goal to grow your business quickly and sustainably.

Legal Advice

We like lawyers, and we work with the best! Whatever business you do, we provide you with the best legal advice.


Visit the official homepage here to apply now or Invest.



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