Big Booster International Acceleration for Startups

Application Deadline: September 18th, 2017:


BigBooster is a unique international non-profit startups acceleration program present on 4 continents.

Organizing and offering an international approach to startups by connecting innovative ecosystems: Lyon/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (FR -EU), Boston/Massachussets(US) ,China (Shangai-Shenzhen) and Middle-East Africa with the support of global/local partners.

Developing a cross-sectorial and non-profit offer to startups with technological or ground breaking innovation in the fields of Bio & Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact.

The high level and international aspect of the program (Mentors, Experts, Networking/Ecosystems) as well as the slight time constraints of the program proposed to selected startups, makes BigBooster truly unique it enables startups to………………….

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of the Boston and American innovative ecosystems and markets.
  • Test and improve your international value proposition, strategy and pitch using feedback from top-notch mentors and experts.



Booster camps around the world, internships and a Demo Day…All take place with top-notch mentors & experts and allow in-between ad-hoc mentoring.


Booster Camps

In Lyon, Boston, Shengzen/Shanghai, Casablanca for up to 150 selected startups


Booster Hubs

4-6 weeks internships for up to 50 selected startups



Early-stage startups in

  • Bio & Health
  • Informative Tech
  • Global Impact

You have a proof of concept, a prototype or a demo, you want to scale up your startup for the American market, join our Booster Camps by applying before September 18th.


Visit the official homepage to apply now.

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