Hogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Awards 2017.

Application Deadline: 16 August 2017:

Does your business or not-for-profit organization use solar energy or solar technology to improve the lives of poor communities, especially for women and girls?

Is it eco-inclusive, delivering environmental and social benefits?

Does it involve and meet the needs of local communities?

Does it need financial and business support in order to meet its full potential?

Who can Apply?

The Judges welcome business and not-for-profit entrants from developing nations around the world. All potential proposals to carefully read each of the criteria below before submitting an application. Any application will be considered as long as it meets these criteria.

Please click on each criteria below to view more information.

Submissions which do not meet ALL of the eligibility criteria will be disqualified by the Judges.

a) Demonstrate entrepreneurship and innovation
The activities covered by the enterprise described in the application should be entrepreneurial and innovative; for example, delivering new services to communities locally or regionally, bringing a new product to market, or developing a service, effectively and in a financially sustainable way, delivering environmental and social benefits.

b) Application of solar technology in a productive way
The enterprise should utilise solar technology as an integral part of the business model. It can be an innovative product which runs on the solar energy or a service enterprise in which solar systems are involved to bring social benefits.

c) Have the intention and potential to become financially sustainable
An applicant enterprise can be from a non-profit or for-profit background but should be able to explain how the enterprise is financially viable; it should have a sound business rationale.

d) Be locally-driven or locally-led
Local partner/s should be fully engaged in and have the prospect of benefiting from the enterprise, which should reflect the expertise, interests and commitments of the local communities.

e) Deliver social, environmental and economic benefits
Every enterprise needs to contribute towards Triple Bottom Line (TBL) impacts, which means the enterprise should integrate social, environmental and economic aspects into the business model. Hogan Lovells is looking for enterprises that can make a significant contribution to sustainable development by delivering:
Social benefits such as community organisation, empowerment and employment, health or education benefits, or access to essential services; and
Environmental benefits such as reduced carbon emissions, waste or pollution, or protecting biodiversity and ecosystems; and
Economic benefits including income generation for the leading partners.
Hogan Lovells will also be looking at the integration of components that respect and advance gender equality and balance.

f) Main activities and origin in non-OECD country and non-EU member state
The main activities and the origination of the enterprise need to be in an eligible non-OECD country and non-EU member state.
Please click here for a list of eligible countries.

g) Entrants cannot be accepted who are sanctioned parties or from sanctioned countries prohibited by the laws of the United Kingdom, the United States, or other applicable jurisdictions.


The ten winners of the Hogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Awards will each receive a package of tailored support consisting of:

Peer-to-Peer networking session: each winner will be invited to attend a peer-to-session to be held in South Africa, where they will be able to meet others facing similar challenges and learn from their experiences to grow their own business.

Capacity Building: one-on-one support and mentorship providing each winner with individual assistance with their business and financial plans.

Legal Advice: law firm Hogan Lovells will provide up to USD30,000-worth of legal advice for each winner*.
*Please see Terms & Conditions

Profiling: a high-level awards ceremony in South Africa, as well as additional marketing and promotional activities by SEED, Barefoot, and Hogan Lovells.

Replication Support: Each winner will receive support from SEED to replicate their business model in other regions around the world.

Financing: Hogan Lovells will provide USD10,000 to one overall winner to cover the organization’s most pressing needs. The details to be agreed in a support plan between the winner and the firm.


Visit the official homepage here to apply


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