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Application Deadline: September 12th, 2017:

Tracks & themes

The Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC) is open to applicants worldwide and offers a tremendous opportunity to entrepreneurs and investors alike. The Competition includes a path for Ideas (opening Summer 2017), as well as a path for Ventures (check back in January 2018). In offering multiple prizes and prize categories, the EBPC attracts innovative ideas in education from around the world, ranging from those structured on local or global needs, public or private issues, Pre-K through adult education, and social or for-profit ventures.

Competition Themes:

Urban Education
Connecting Research to Practice
Teaching & Learning
Technology in Grades K through 12
Special Education & At-Risk Students
Open & Collaborative Solutions: The Education Ecosystem
Online & Distance Learning in Higher Education
Global/Borderless Education Solutions
Early Childhood Education
Workforce Learning
Two Tracks: Ventures and Ideas

As of the 2017 Competition, the Idea and Venture paths of the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition will run in series rather than concurrently (but both paths do still exist!). The Idea path, aimed at entrepreneurs in the early stages of ideation or product/service development, opens for submissions in early August 2017. Applicants in the Idea path are expected to be pre-revenue and pre-investment.

If your innovation is further along in its development, please check back with us in January 2018 for more information on the Venture path. Applicants in the Venture path are expected to already have or plan to generate revenue, grants, customers, or investors. And of course, if you have any questions about which path you should enter, feel free to contact us!

Collaboration with Reimagine Education
We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Finals of the EBPC Idea Path Competition will be held in conjunction with the upcoming Reimagine Education Awards & Conference on December 4-5 here in Philadelphia. Reimagine Education is an international competition and global conference for those seeking to shape the future of education through innovation. We are excited about collaborating with the thoughtful and dedicated team at Reimagine, and encourage you to join an outstanding group of international entrepreneurs, scholars, and practitioners at the December event.

Idea Path:

Idea Path Grand Prize (1): $5,000
Other Idea Path Prizes (2): $2,500
All Idea Path Finalists: $1,000


How to Apply


Educational entrepreneurship business plans should outline the problem they address, offer a solution, and discuss scaling possibilities for bringing the proposed innovation to additional settings. Broadly construed, educational entrepreneurship initiatives can address a wide range of educational issues. This competition encourages applications in every conceivable educational setting – from early childhood through corporate/adult training, in settings and contexts anywhere in the world. We also welcome both nonprofit and for-profit submissions. In terms of focus, we invite submissions that address issues of curriculum, instruction, educator professional development, assessment and evaluation, collaborations, learning design, technological innovations, learning/school support tools, and more. In evaluating business plan submissions, our judges will consider the importance of the educational problem, the creativity and feasibility of the proposed solution, and the potential for widespread impact.

Below are the competition rules (“Rules”) governing The Milken-Penn Graduate School of Education Prize for Business Plans in Education (the “Competition”). These Rules may be amended at any time. The then-current Rules will be posted at this web page, so you should check back frequently; the public and Applicants will not be notified individually when the Rules are amended.


Any individual is eligible to enter the Competition by submitting an Entry, except the following individuals are not eligible:

Anyone who is under 18 years old;
Any Competition judge;


To enter the Competition, an eligible Applicant must submit all of the required materials (an “Entry”).

A subset of these Applicants will be selected as finalists in the Competition, and invited to present the business plan orally at the University, before judges.

The Competition may choose to hold one or more Competition paths, including an Idea path, a Venture path, or both. Applicants may enter the Idea path, the Venture path, or both.

A business plan based upon an idea or concept that has been previously published is eligible, provided the Applicant discloses the previous publication(s).

All entries must be submitted in the English language.

An Applicant does not transfer legal ownership of his or her business plan simply by entering the Competition; you retain ownership of your business plan and the legally-protect-able concepts and ideas that may be patentable, copyrightable, or trademark-protectable (if any) disclosed in your submission.

However, given the nature of this Competition, the Entries (including the business plans) cannot be kept confidential. Therefore, if you think your Entry contains or discloses any patentable invention (such as a potentially patentable business process), you should consult your own legal advisor before submitting your Entry, to determine whether you should take steps to protect any potentially patentable invention, trade secret, or confidential information before you enter the Competition.

While the Applicant retains the ownership of your business plan disclosed in your submission, by submission of the application the Applicant agrees that the University has the right to use the submitted materials and information for academic research and to provide it to researchers who agree not to publish your business plans, images, or any other information that would identify you or your company, including addresses and contact information.

(The Applicant is responsible for checking with any employer or others regarding policies on ownership of patentable inventions and other parts of any submission. If you are a faculty member, lecturer, administrator, staff, employee or student at the University of Pennsylvania, the University’s then-current policies on ownership of patentable inventions and copyrightable works continue to apply to you, in connection with any Entry you make.)

By submitting an Entry, an Applicant represents that all of the information and materials comprising his or her Entry are original; and that the ideas, developments and/or technologies disclosed as part of his/her Entry have been created, developed, and are owned by the Applicant, or if not, that the Applicant has all rights necessary from other creators, developers and/or owners needed to submit the Entry and represent that he or she is the creator, developer and owner of the idea, development, or technology disclosed as part of the Entry. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that Applicant is a faculty member, lecturer, administrator, staff, employee or student at the University of Pennsylvania, and Penn PCI has determined that the ideas, developments and/or technologies are owned in part or in whole by the University of Pennsylvania, Applicant must provide a letter of support from Penn PCI stipulating that a license from the University of Pennsylvania will be required to commercialize any product or service resulting from further development of the idea, development, or technology. This letter must be submitted by the Applicant, in addition to any other materials required by the Competition in the Venture path.

By submitting an Entry, an Applicant agrees not to seek any financial damages from either The Milken Family Foundation or the University for any claim, dispute or cause of action in connection with or arising out of or related to the Competition.

By submitting an Entry, an Applicant agrees that, if he or she wins a prize, the Applicant will allow The Milken Family Foundation and the University to use his or her name, photograph, image, and likeness to publicize the Competition, including, for example, through use in press releases and on web sites.


The Competition will award a first-place prize to those Applicant(s) selected by the judges as the first-place winner, and may choose to award additional prizes to other finalists as determined by the conference committee and judges. Furthermore, additional prizes may be added to the Competition at any time and without notice. The decision of the judges is final, and cannot be appealed or challenged.

Each winner is reminded that he or she may have tax or other legal obligations in connection with accepting the prize money, and should consult his or her own tax and legal advisors. If a winner does not accept the prize money for any reason within sixty (60) days after being declared a winner, the prize will be forfeited and used to award prize money in a future competition.


Visit the official homepage to apply now.

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