The Baobab Network Opportunities for African Entrepreneurs


In March 2018, we are running a two week programme in South Africa, focused on supporting early stage tech companies in the education sector. Technology has an incredible power to give people access to education, especially in rural areas. We will be offering some of South Africa’s most exciting ed-tech start-ups access to global talent, driving growth and improving investor readiness. Deadline for applications is 19th January 2018.


In April 2018, we are working with some of Kenya’s most innovative healthcare companies, using technology to solve some of the regions most pressing health related problems. Technology has a unique ability to solve a broad range of healthcare issues and by offering commercial consultancy and support, we can contribute to the growth of the sector and have a significant impact on thousands of people across Kenya.

Deadline for applications is 20th January 2017.


In May 2018, we will be heading to Kampala in Uganda to work with some of the country’s most exciting early stage tech companies. Uganda is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and has seen some extremely exciting innovations in the tech space in the last few years, across sectors like healthcare, finance and agribusiness. This is an exciting time to get involved as we will be able to have a real impact on the direction that the founders take.

Deadline for applications is 25th February 2018.


Interested in any ? Apply here now.

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