Halcyon Incubator Program for Entrepreneurs

Application Closes – April 4th, 2018:

The Halcyon Incubator program equips early-stage entrepreneurs with the support they need to transform audacious ideas into scalable and sustainable ventures and change the world. Fellows accepted into the program will have access to the following resources: Residency, Business and Living Expenses – The Halcyon Incubator was founded to ensure that all social entrepreneurs, regardless of their economic background, can succeed. The program reduces the financial barriers to starting a social venture by providing: Five months of free housing at the historic Halcyon House (Residency Phase)13 months of free workspace at Halcyon House (Post-Residency Phase) A $10,000 stipend per venture for food and living expenses during the Residency Phase.


To be eligible for the Halcyon Incubator: Applicant(s) must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program. Applicant(s) must be fluent in English. The venture must be the original idea of the applicant(s).The venture must be in start-up idea, MVP, or pilot phase. The venture must have less than $500,000 annual revenue. The venture must be independent and autonomous. Ventures cannot be considered independent or autonomous if they were started under the direction of an existing organization. The applicant or applicant’s team must be the primary decision maker for the venture’s development and management. Applicant(s) must be able to make a full-time commitment to the venture’s development during the first twelve months of the fellowship. Applicant(s) who will be enrolled in a college or university during the time of the fellowship are not eligible. Applicant(s) must have legal work status in the United States or be able to obtain a visa for the Residency and Post-Residency phases. Applicant(s) must complete the entire online application and submit it and all required documents before the closing date.


Visit the Official homepage here to apply now.

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