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InnoEgypt is a business incubation program supporting entrepreneurship in Egypt, funded by the European Commission and the Egyptian Government (EuropAID).

The program’s main aim is fostering the national transformation toward sustainable knowledge-based economy in Egypt via intensifying the existence, sustainability, and impact of innovative start-ups.


Project’s Mission

In order to contribute to the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy, InnoEgypt is based on two interlinked tracks:

  1. Creating local jobs via empowering young entrepreneurs and SMEs with high growth potential;
  2. Defining and empowering the supply networks and value chains in order to understand the market needs to create better potentials and provide opportunities in a newly designed ecosystem.


Project’s Objectives

Provide full package incubation services including a set of entrepreneurial toolkits, seed funding, consultancies, etc.

Unlock industrial priority sectors in Egypt via sustainable technological-based innovations “Channel resources”;

Visualize Entrepreneurship potentials (Innovation-Business Interaction) for better enabling environment for start-ups in Egypt;

Enhance innovation-business cooperation with European partners;


Project’s Activities

Identifying and stocktaking of the value chain for each sector;

Market assessments and defining potential business opportunities;

Designing of interventions and development of the entrepreneurial toolkit;

Pre-Incubation/Identification Stage (boot-camping, training);

Real Incubation Stage;

Post-Incubation & Sustainability Stage;

Dissemination, Exploitation and Strategic Partnerships;

Coordination and Management;


Project’s Outcomes

Market assessment of 4 industrial priority sectors in Egypt (Agro-Food, Construction & Energy, Information & Communication Technology, Textile and Handcrafts);

Incubate more than 40 start-ups for two years;

Provide boot-camping and scouting for more than 160 potential entrepreneurs;

Organize various training sessions;

Organize various study tours to other business incubators in Egypt and Europe;

Establish Egyptian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agro/platform;

Achieve and sustain networks between the start-ups and industries in specialized fields.


Visit the official homepage here to apply now.

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