Application deadline; April 5, 2018:

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT will be extending the Call for Proposals through the 5th of April 2018 to give applicants more time to get their wonderful projects to the judging panel! Calling for Speakers and Moderators to join the 2nd edition of the Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Proposals from startups and companies can be received up until 5th April 2018 and this year the call has requested that the proposals focus particularly on solutions involving the Tourism/Lifestyle , Fashion/Beauty , Agribusiness/Packaging , Technology/ICT/Digital Media , FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Fintech , as they will have more likelihood of meeting market demands and, consequently, of attracting greater investment by third parties, as well as being in line with Africa and the Caribbean regions’ plans for effectively diversifying their economies in the next few years.


Funding Available:

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT Acceleration Program 2018 will choose and fund a small number of projects that will run over a 9 – 36 month period, starting in approximately May 2018. The whole funding process will be managed by PAN Diaspora Capital Management in New York City on behalf of the Summit and its Partners.Selected applicants can receive up to a maximum of US $ 10,000,000 from the American investors to support eligible project costs.


Program Benefits:

Eligible applicants will be able to realize the following benefits from participating in the Acceleration Program:

  1. An opportunity to exhibit the company’s products, services and processes during the Pre-Summit in New York in May 2018 and also during the 2nd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2018. The Acceleration Program is a unique opportunity to get access to a multicultural population of diverse end-users or diverse community of consumers attending both events.
  2. An opportunity to generate evidence of the effectiveness of the company’s product/service which will help differentiate the product/service in the global marketplace.
  3. An opportunity to establish a working relationship with a leading American private equity institution which adds credibility and referenceability for the company and its product or service.
  4. An opportunity to work and develop a relationship with African and Caribbean leaders in your sector whose advice and guidance could further improve the product/service making it more valuable in the marketplace.
  5. Support Afro-Caribbean innovators in building synergies and helping them diversify their respective economies by generating sustainable employment opportunities across Africa and the Caribbean region.


Visit the official homepage here to apply now.


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