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The goal of Africa Rising 4.0 is to power digital entrepreneurship and early stage startup growth in Johannesburg. Africa Rising 4.0 is a 12 week intensive incubation programme designed and committed to coaching founders of digital startups and early stage technology companies the discipline of entrepreneurship, and furthermore to build digital innovative businesses.

  • We are dedicated to producing leading digital entrepreneurs & technology companies at startup and early-stage.
  • We coach pre-scale and pre-growth technology businesses to survive in the digital era (and a recession).

The Africa Rising 4.0 programme is designed to coach founders and early stage technology companies the discipline of entrepreneurship and introduces digital entrepreneurs to local and global leading technology entrepreneurs and companies.

What can you expect if you get onto the Africa Rising 4.0 programme?



If you are selected to join the JP Morgan “Africa Rising 4.0” programme, here are a few compelling benefits why founders and early stage technology companies choose Tshimologong Precinct


Founders and early stage technology companies will receive empirical advice from various founders and entrepreneurs who have had failures and made the mistakes that we don’t want you to make



We do our best to try and not design a one-size fits all curriculum

We are rigorous about interviewing founders and early stage technology companies and intensively understanding their customer and product solution developmental needs so that we can customise our content and better serve their product solution needs



Taking on the most topical innovations and trends in the digital and technological landscape, we host Masterclasses, Meetups and Panel Discussions at the Precinct.

We get to share time, space and opinions with carefully selected subject matter experts on key issues.



Some founders of early stage startups spend a lot of time in our co-working office space. Why wouldn’t they? There is full time support that is dedicated to helping founders and early stage technology companies to maximise validated learning for the least effort, and to test their MVP with a sizeable customer group.


Do you want to be a part of Africa Rising 4.0?

  • Do you have a proof of concept (PoC) and idea?
  • Do you have a mock-up, video or presentation of your proof of concept and idea?
  • Have you tested your proof of concept to a small group or audience (±15 people)
  • Does your PoC or idea have any evidence of creating value for a customer?
  • Can you demonstrate evidence that your proof of concept or idea is strongly needed in the market?
  • Do you have insufficient funds to develop your proof of concept? li Can you demonstrate a digital marketing footprint and online presence with a small group or audience?


Who should apply?

  • Are you under 35 years of age?
  • Does your business have a BEE profile?
  • Do you come from a low income household or community?
  • Does your idea require digital development that focuses on hardware, software or content, including games, apps or animation?


Visit the official homepage here to apply now.

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