Social & Inclusive Business Camp: Development of social innovation projects

Deadline: 06 July 2018:


Social entrepreneurs are key to building sustainable development in their country. There are at the standpoint to feel the real needs of their customers within their community, to scale up relevant solutions, to speed up the technological innovation, while proposing long lasting solutions for the environment and the society. More and more entrepreneurs are putting at the heart of their operations the social impact they produce while reaching profitability.

To partner these innovators, the AFD group, together with its partners, has designed an acceleration program to support inspiring projects to scale up. The Social & Inclusive Business camp is a comprehensive program with digital coaching as well as a boot camp taking place in Marseille, France. At the end of the 3-month coaching, entrepreneurs will pitch to investors and be offered the capacity to scale up. The program is labeled Digital Africa and is operated in partnership with Emerging Valley.



  • Act with purpose, with human and community at the center with reasonable expectations on profitability, it is hard time business embraces societal issues and addresses them.
  • AFD group has been asked by it partners to design a powerful acceleration program to partner with inspiring social innovators to scale up their solutions and structure the community of change makers operating in Africa.
  • The Social & Inclusive Business Camp offers powerful tools, expertise and peer coaching to enable a quick scaling up of innovative projects.
  • Tool box: qualified experts, peer coaching, collective intelligence, social performance measurement and communication, governance … the whole program is designed to empower the entrepreneurs to pitch their projects in front of investors at the end.


Key objectives are the following

  • Build a powerful fire pitch clarifying my financing needs and scaling up strategy
  • Understand how governance and collective intelligence can strengthen my social impacts
  • Pimp up my business model to reach the break even more quickly and reach a balance between sustainable growth and profitability combined with social impacts
  • Map my ecosystem and play an active role as mentor
  • Measure and communicate on my social performance
  • Pitch investors operating in Africa.


To participate, visit the official homepage here to apply now.

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