Working with Young People with Disabilities

Presentation of the donor

As one of the largest and most diverse youth-led organisations in the world, the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is committed to engaging, involving and advocating for young people within the Commonwealth. The CYC is the recognised voice of more than 1.2 billion young people within the Commonwealth. Ultimately, the CYC is a coalition of all national youth councils and other youth-led civil society and private sector institutions in the Commonwealth.

Summary of opportunity

The CYC facilitates and supports the work of all youth- led initiatives. We partner with suitable stakeholders, organisations and individuals to represent and empower young people in the Commonwealth. We endeavour to share skills, ideas, resources and services with our approved members in order to provide young people with the opportunity to make a difference to their communities and society.

By joining together, we have a collective, powerful voice and we can enable young people to be instrumental agents for positive change. Through its office for Inclusion and Engagement, the CYC prioritises the need for young people with disabilities in the Commonwealth to have access to equal opportunities and to ensure that their voices are represented and heard at national and international levels.  Therefore the Membership Committee of the Council invites organisations working with young people with disabilities to join the Commonwealth Youth Council and ensure that no voice is left unheard.


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