Application deadline: January 28th, 2019

Creating sustainable employment, economic growth and social developments

Aspire Small Business Fund

About GroFin: GroFin is a pioneering development financier specializing in financing and supporting small and growing businesses (SGBs) across Africa and the Middle East. GroFin combines patient capital and specialized business support to grow emerging market enterprises. 

Aspire Small Business Fund: Incorporated in July 2013 to serve growth-oriented small enterprises in the Niger Delta region.

Fund Size: US$ 10 million

Focus: Create sustainable employment, economic growth and social development through the provision of business development assistance, risk finance (US$ 10,000 to US$100,000) and market linkages to viable, growth-oriented small enterprise

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Objectives: The Aspire Small Business Fund aims:

  • ·       To invest in 160 businesses in the Niger Delta, while delivering invaluable business counsel to many more

·       To create over 800 sustainable jobs by 2019

·       To improve an estimated 4,000 livelihoods

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