Google for Startups/CcHUB 2019 PitchDrive II for hardware and deeptech based startups

Application Deadline: May 20th 2019

PitchDrive II by CcHUB, in partnership withGoogle for Startups, will engage 10 of Africa’s top hardware and deeptech based startups on a tour of exciting tech cities in Asia.

The focus of PitchDrive II is to facilitate Africa-Asia collaborations to strengthen deep technology companies in Africa by creating a platform for startups to:

Take key learnings from the Asian technology market and apply them locally to improve their businesses

Discover and engage suppliers or manufacturing partners to strengthen their businesses

Explore funding opportunities

Do you run a deep tech (AI, ML, Mixed reality, etc) or hardware based startup?
Are you a legally registered enterprise able to demonstrate a minimum of 12 months revenue-generating operations?
Can you demonstrate income generation in the last 12 months?
Are you based in Africa?
Are you (Founder/Co-founder/ CEO) available for the tour from August 15th till August 31st?


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