Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) Athena MENA Mentorship Programme 2020

Application Deadline: December 17th 2019

Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) is a global platform bringing together a diverse network of thought leaders and creating meaningful networking and conversations around global challenges and trends. GTF’s mission focuses on three areas: fostering accountability in leadership, promoting women’s empowerment and creating opportunities for young people to develop. GTF is also a bridge-builder, and an organisation that promotes public-private sector partnerships and opens conduits for collaboration and stakeholder engagement. The Forum is London-based and was incubated at Oxford University’s Said Business School in 2011.  It has been created with the vision to help our societies and leaders navigate a very complex world.

GTF launched officially in 2012 in Amman (Jordan) under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. We have since partnered with some of the world’s top brands, organisations and foundations. It features a prestigious Advisory Board with thought leaders and decision makers from over 20 countries. The Global Thinkers Forum organises a wide range of activities including meetings, seminars, fora, roundtable discussions, workshops, networking events, and its not for profit initiatives such as the mentoring programmes and Awards for Excellence.

As of January 2018, GTF joined forces with Sharjah-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, introducing the revised Athena MENA Mentorship programme. The long-term foundational mentorship programme pairs thriving MENA women with leading mentors from around the world.


You are eligible to apply for ‘Telemachus’ if you are a young individual between 18-29.
‘Athena’ is for MENA women above the age of 22, if you fall in the category please feel free to apply.

For the Athena MENA programme, applicants with fluent command of English, who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or have equally-relevant professional experience of a minimum of 5 years will be prioritized.

For both programmes we expect our candidates to manifest motivation, commitment and critical thinking skills.

Please write a motivational letter explaining what you would like to achieve and what your aspirations are. In your letter show clear understanding of your motivation to be mentored. Make sure that applications are open for the programme you are interested in. You can send it directly to indicating ‘Mentee Application’ and the mentoring programme you are applying for in the title or use the link above to ‘Mentees Application’ and a member of the Global Thinkers Forum team will be in touch with you.

If you are selected as mentee then you need to be aware of the following:
1. You should enter this relationship with an open mind.
2. You need to be candid.
3. The relationship and everything you will share with your mentor will remain confidential.
4. Always be punctual and respectful of your mentor’s time.
5. Avoid defensive reaction to feedback.                                                                   6. The advice you will receive is meant to offer you perspective diversity and skills building and is by no means a certificate, a qualification or a degree.


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