Innovation Against Poverty 2020


Innovations Against Poverty challenges the private sector to develop products, services and business models that can contribute to the fight against poverty, and climate protection.

Through our financial and non-financial services, we support innovative Inclusive Business models that deliver commercial benefits for the private sector and developmental benefits for the low-income population, while paying specific attention to gender equality and environmental sustainability.


The program is designed for companies which are operational or plan to enter the market (with a local partner in case of foreign companies) in the following sectors:

Innovation Against Poverty Challenge 2020 sectors

And the following countries:

Innovation Against poverty challnege 2020 countires


The IAP application process is organized around three phases: submission of a concept note and if shortlisted, face-to-face pitch, followed by submission of a full business plan. Each concept note will be reviewed to ensure that it complies with the minimum eligibility criteria and will then be evaluated against the basic assessment criteria, including company’s profile, project viability, inclusiveness, innovation, social impact, gender and environmental integration, cost-effectiveness, and additionality. Shortlisted candidates will subsequently be invited to do a face-to-face pitch and if successful, will proceed to submit a full business plan, which will be evaluated against the full list of assessment criteria, which includes in addition to the basic assessment criteria: sustainability and scaling, and risk analysis and mitigation. The applicant will be invited to attend a workshop for technical guidance on how to develop a full business plan prior to the submission. The application process consists of the following steps:


The application process runs through Start the process by registering yourself in the online application portal. By registering yourself, your draft application will be automatically saved in order to finalize your application at a time that suits you best. Secondly, fill out the concept note application form and follow the instructions through to submission. If you are short-listed, you will be invited to do a face-to-face pitch.

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