Open Government Partnership’s Innovation Grants (€ 50,000)


The Open Government Partnership is seeking applications for the Innovation Grants to support the development or replication of online tools and platforms, complementary advocacy, and engagement strategies to enable civil society or citizens to hold their governments accountable.

Open Government Partnership wants to encourage collaboration between civil society and government actors in creating innovations that do one of the following:

  • enable citizens to monitor budgets, expenditure and disbursement, including budgetary allocations for Covid-19 recovery and renewal programmes;
  • provide user-friendly interfaces for state-owned data, including data visualisation, analysis, or business intelligence tools to strengthen the ability of citizens to detect fraud or corruption (e.g. for using data on contracts, beneficial owners of companies, asset declarations, etc.);
  • enable citizen monitoring and feedback on public services and access to redress mechanisms.

Funding Information

Grant support up to EUR 50,000 to the selected proposal. The selection proposals and the top three runners up will also have access to:

  • connections with potential mentors to further develop your solution
  • connections with peers working on similar solutions to foster learning
  • communication support


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