Application Tips

Whether you are applying for a fully funded or non-funded academic program, conference, seminar, and fellowship. Or jobs, internships, and volunteering. These are some of the valuable tips to consider before sending in that application.


  • Make sure you fit the requirements for the application. Applicants must meet the application requirements in other to be considered. Whether you are returning to school to gain additional education, applying to gain new skills, and training or attend a conference, make sure to check the requirements first.
  • Start early! Leave yourself plenty of time to complete the application process so as not to rush. Be careful and thorough when filling out your application to give yourself the best possible advantage. Make a checklist of what you need to have for the application and make sure you meet the application deadline. Have at least one other person proofread your application materials to make sure everything is complete and represents you in the best manner.
    • Make sure that your email address is clearly legible. If your email address is a nickname such as “hollyme” or “prettymama”, you may want to consider setting up a generic email using your name for the application purpose. This makes it look professional.
  • Make at least one copy of your ENTIRE application to ensure that if your submission is lost, you can easily and quickly send another copy.
  • If you are contacted regarding your application, or you are notified that your application has been accepted, please respond immediately. If you do not notify them in a timely manner, the acceptance may be revoked and awarded to the next eligible applicant.

Personal Essay Tips/Cover letter:

  1. Your personal essay or cover letter is viewed as the equivalent of a face‐to‐face interview. Show that you have thought deeply and broadly about what you hope to experience in applying for the particular opening and why you are best suited for it, what your goals are, and how this can help you meet those goals.
  2. Remember to be yourself! Make connections between areas of study, career goals, and personal background or philosophies.

Recommendation/Reference Letter Tips:

  • Ask the person you want to write a letter of recommendation for you as soon as possible, and provide them with a deadline of when the letter should be mailed. It is up to you to make sure the letter has been sent. 
  •  Provide your recommender with a description of the application and other information you think is necessary to aid them in writing a comprehensive letter.
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